Watch your spending without sacrificing your style!

Another show recently passed. I performed at the launch of The Lost Parade, a new dance party in New York, and wanted to make a big splash. I had a theme in mind, but as always the actual clothing that I would wear was left for the last minute. I was down to the last hour.

There’s nothing like a white suit, except maybe for Legs. Long shapely legs compliment a white suit beautifully on stage. Throw in a familiar looking industrial size gold chain we might’ve seen me wear at the Gowanus Art Fair and BOOM! Hot stage get-up!

My Father may kill me if he sees this, but the suit you see in the before/after images here is his circa 1978. In fairness Daddy hasn’t worn the suit in at least 20 years, so I took it, cut the pant’s into shorts and wrapped the chain around it like Christmas lights.

I always liked how David Bowie later in his career graduated from glam rock and space suits to simple perfectly tailored suiting on stage. (I love everything about Bowie) I also always admired Annie Lennox’ style for her androgyny, because I still see the femininity underneath. My look for this particular show aspires to be something in between, with a little sex thrown in.

How I did this:

I will first say that the reason this was easy was because the suit already fits me relatively well. If the suit hadn’t fit, it is a great suit but I probably would’ve been too lazy to invest in tailoring. 

First I put the pants on as they were. I knew I didn’t have enough time to sew a proper hem, so I marked them just above my knees to allow for cuffing the legs, took them off and cut a straight line across the legs with sewing sheers. I then folded each leg twice, and ironed the folds to keep the cuffs in place.

The Chain: I looped the gold chain through the belt loops of the shorts, and draped it around my waist as one would drape a garland around a Christmas tree. A relaxed hand is key.

I wanted to wear the jacket with nothing under it, but that would’ve meant keeping it closed, and limited movement. Instead a went for a cheetah print structured bra, and jacket open. I topped the whole thing off with VERY high heels and was on my merry way!


White Suit: Daddy’s Closet, $0 spent

Gold Chain: I use this thing over and over again to the point that it has become a signature staple in my wardrobe. $0 spent

Cheetah Panty Set: Ellen Tracy (of all the possible brands) I know it originally retails for more, but I paid $25 at Century 21

Shoes: I picked the highest brightest ones in my closet. The shoes are turquoise patent leather by Guess. I bought those at Filene’s Basement in Union Square before the store closed for $40.

At that moment I spent $0 because instead of buying for the occasion-WHICH I DO VERY OFTEN, I actually shopped my own wardrobe and found something better.


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